Alice Wyatt, Head of Marketing Mid-Market at Adyen, London started June 2020

Amidst the barrage of recruitment messages that I receive, James’ email grabbed my attention. It was personalised, relevant and contained the right level of information to spark my interest. I agreed to have an initial conversation and 4 months later, I am settled in my role at a company with excellent culture (where teamwork and happiness come before results) and in a role that is a great match for my skills and my career ambitions.

James did a great job of supporting me through the interview process. His clear passion for the client he was representing and his ability to articulate what they were looking for also helped convince me to continue conversations.

James and his team are a refreshing tonic in the world of sell-the-role-at-all-costs, unpersonalised and non-transparent recruitment. Would highly recommend!

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