Adyen: from single office startup to global fintech giant

Adyen is one of Europe’s most valuable tech brands – but it wouldn’t be where it is without the people that 2B Talent Solutions sources. Let’s find out more.

You probably haven’t heard of Adyen – but if you’ve ever hailed an Uber, bought something on eBay or subscribed to Spotify, you’ve definitely used its services.

Adyen is the online payment platform that powers the world’s leading B2C companies. It was founded with the knowledge that in today’s world, brands and consumers demand an adaptable and seamless payments system – and if you can create that, you can disrupt the market and become a market leader. Today, Adyen deals with millions of transactions every day. Success for Adyen is that you don’t even see it working!

‘Adyen is a fintech platform built to simplify and accelerate global payments. With Adyen, any business can accept payments anywhere – online, mobile and at point of sale.

In this article, we’ll look at how Adyen became the giant it is today – and the essential role of 2B Talent Solutions in this story. Let’s dive in.

The Adyen story

Adyen launched nine years ago in Amsterdam, with only ten people in its office. Fast-forward to today and with our help, there are now 2000+ employees in more than 26 offices across the globe. Adyen is working with some of the biggest names in tech and valued at a cool €80 billion.

What’s the secret to Adyen’s success? It’s its people. You can have a world-beating product, but without the people to create it, refine it and bring it to market, you’ll never be a world-beating company. 

Where did they find their people? That’s where 2B comes in. Since 2013, we’ve been by Adyen’s side, delivering the talent that powers its growth, supports its mission and creates a worldwide brand.

For example, a crucial part of Adyen’s growth strategy was to expand into new European markets, building territories from scratch. They needed a recruitment partner with leads in each new country – talent that could not only deliver against ambitious targets, but also directly assist with its overall growth strategy.

At 2B Talent Solutions, we had the expertise and the European talent network to deliver the best people with the right skills and mindset to drive Adyen’s global expansion. However, where we truly excelled was finding talent with the right culture fit.

We’re unique among recruitment agencies in that we know that quick hires based solely on credentials (rather than character) are a recipe for long-term failure. Our exhaustive search and assessment process ensured that Adyen’s business standards were never compromised, with every position being filled by the ‘right fit’ hire.

‘Our customers need to scale without sacrificing culture. This is where we excel.’

The results

Here are the astonishing results 2B Talent Solutions delivered for Adyen:

  • 70 culture matches and ‘right fit’ hires for Adyen across eight countries in nine years
  • 92% candidate retention – It’s not just about filling the role. We believe retention is the most accurate indicator that you’ve hired the right people
  • 7% attrition rate – 2B’s hires for Adyen have stood the test of time, with only 5 out of 70 direct hires leaving the business. This is staggeringly low
  • Cross-function support – Adyen trusted 2B to deliver talent throughout the commercial function, from executive and leadership to sales and marketing, to customer success, partnerships, solutions and pre-sales which we delivered

Adyen has achieved unprecedented growth and success, becoming one of Europe’s biggest tech brands while remaining relatively unknown to the consumer. 

At 2B Talent Solutions, we’re proud of the part we have played in this journey – and we look forward to more success in the future.

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