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Frequently asked questions

What makes you different to other recruiters?

Compared to industry averages, we reduce time to hire by 54%, we reduce time spent interviewing by 60% and the people we hire stay 88% longer.

What locations do you cover?

UK, Germany, France, Netherlands and Sweden (and we help our clients with the US when needed).

What positions do you hire?

We cover the full GTM function: Sales, Customer Success, Partnerships, Marketing, Sales Engineering. From senior individual to (IC) to C-Level.

How do you work?

We offer contingent/success-fee search, retained search & multi-hire retained solutions.

We find the best suits our customers' requirements.

What guarantees do you offer?

Our guarantees range from 3 months to 12 months. These include full replacements and full refunds.

95% of the candidates we have hired over the last 10 years have completed the first 12 months.

How fast can you move?

Our average time-to-hire is 30 days.

2 weeks to deliver a full shortlist for IC and first-line managers (3 weeks for more senior positions).

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