The 2B Candidate Experience

We believe recruitment is a journey. From first-contact all the way up to signing on the dotted line, we’ll support you through it all.

Our Candidate Promise

  • Trust and Respect

    Openness, honesty and transparency. In the words of Bruce Lee, ‘knowledge gives power, but character gives respect.’

  • Listen

    We pledge to ACTUALLY listen. Our focus will never stray from you or your career goals as we will always put you first.

  • Finding the perfect fit

    We want only the best for you. We understand that only with the right culture, team, leader, and the right work-life balance, can you then thrive.

  • Don’t hide

    No ghosting here. We'll have the hard conversations and always support and challenge you in achieving your highest potential.

  • Have Fun

    Changing careers can be a daunting prospect, we want to make the move a fun and enjoyable process!

At 2B, we operate with a human touch. No ego’s. No bias. Just real people creating the best opportunities for our candidates.

It’s all good and well making promises, it’s the following through with them that’s the hard part. At 2B, we believe actions speak louder than words. Take a look below to see what our candidates have to say…

  • Amidst the barrage of recruitment messages that I receive, James’ email grabbed my attention. It was personalised, relevant and contained the right level of information to spark my interest. I agreed to have an initial conversation and 4 months later, I am settled in my role at a company with excellent culture (where teamwork and happiness come before results) and in a role that is a great match for my skills and my career ambitions. James did a great job of supporting me through the interview process. His clear passion for the client he was representing and his ability to articulate what they were looking for also helped convince me to continue conversations. James and his team are a refreshing tonic in the world of sell-the-role-at-all-costs, unpersonalised and non-transparent recruitment. Would highly recommend!
    Alice Wyatt, Head of Marketing Mid-Market at Adyen, London started June 2020
  • From one informal conversation to probably one of the best opportunities in my life. It all starts with a first impression, and that impression was just incredible. Alex is a very strong communicator, who is an expert in his field. During our engagement from the beginning up until the great offer, my personal requirements were perfectly matched with the offered position. The perfect match for me is defined by a cultural, team and position fit. To sum it up, fantastic candidate focus and excellent guidance through the entire hiring cycle.
    Alexander Kunn, Territory Sales Manager, Google
  • Joe and I worked together for two months, on the lookout for the right job. In the end he helped me find the right role in Stockholm where I relocated to from Amsterdam. The 2B team is easy to work with and more patient than most recruiters. Additionally, 2B works with a strong portfolio of tech companies. Would definitely recommend.
    Luc van der Tuin, Enterprise Account Executive, Funnel, Stockholm
  • “Sophie is brilliant at her job! She has the right mind-set for both the candidate and the company searching for a top recruit. Her superpower is her inclusiveness and active listening! I hope to work with her again.”

    Suzanne Mathson, Marketing Director, Global Brand and Marketing, Klarna, Stockholm

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