How to nail an interview with a start-up/scale-up

On the hunt for an exciting new role at a start-up/scale-up? Check out our top 5 tips on how to ace your interview!

1. Make it personal

When it comes to start-ups/ scale-ups, company culture is HUGE. Sell yourself as a person, not just a profession. Be confident, authentic, and engaging. It’s important that you not only align with the role, but fit the culture too.

2. Do your research

Rapport and chemistry are powerful factors when interviewing. Thoughtful questions will help you to appear prepared and engaged. Pre-prepare problematic topics that may arise during the interview (e.g. gaps in employment, lack of experience etc) – objection handling has never been so appropriate!

3. Bring the energy

Beyond your words, the demeanour in which you pitch yourself matters. Passionate about a new role? Show it! You’re speaking about a potential role to your prospective employer: be enthusiastic! Our Executive Consultant, Sophie Nivern, advises, “It’s all about the energy you bring to a conversation. You never know the oppurtunities that one single encounter can lead to!”

4. Demonstrate your accomplishments

Facts and figures will always impress! Back up statements with numbers, ratios, and percentages. Quantitative data helps employers to measure candidates’ achievements and success. Statistics are your friend.

5. Take the 2B approach – BE YOURSELF

Always put your own needs first. Be selfish. Don’t let yourself be pressured into accepting just any role. Interviewing is a two-way street. Don’t be blinded by a companies outwards persona: always be objective. We advise at 2B that you always assess your opportunities and choose the right role for YOU.

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